Surrealist / minimalist collage

My research at the start of this semester centered around surrealist collage and Gothic painting. My research has since taken a turn into looking at museological display and artifact studies. This is documented in my purpose-built research blog which can be accessed at Aisling Keavey Art Research

Joan FontecurbertaMind Games, British Journal of Photography, November 2014

Joan Fontecuberta constructs false narratives and false archives using photo-montage and photography. This work is particularly interesting as it displays the power that the manipulation of photography as over the audience’s perception of a work, and also questions about the validity of archives and the arching process.

British Library – Terror and Wonder: The Gothic Imagination (03-10-14 => 20-01-15)

This exhibition aims to “reflect the cultural concerns of 18th century Britain” by exploring Victorian Gothic literature and art.
Dan Hillier. (website)
Dan Hillier is a surrealist collage artist working primarily with Victorian images and themes of Victorian futurism, the uncanny and steampunk. He makes screen-printed, digital collages.   
Hannah Hoch is considered an “artistic and cultural pioneer”. She uses collage as an art object instead of using it as a process to work through ideas. She explores the concept of the “New Woman” through collage.
Leonora Carrington was called a “central figure of the surrealist movement” for her multidisciplinary approach to practice which included writing, painting, printing and weaving. She worked with themes of personified nature, Irish folklore and mythology and religious motifs.
This book centres around the collage as an homage and as a reference. The author identifies the collage artist’s ability to recognise the preexisting to create something different. The collage can separate things that belong together.  These artists break the boundary of the flat, glued image that historians have relied upon, the collage can become a material study, a three-dimensional assemblage or even an environment or performance. Collecting of images to collage can be a way of stopping time, of grasping or studying the past.
John Stezaker uses collage as a “genuine response to the tyranny of images that is our contemporary visual culture” and as a way to explore the “absurdity of the present”.
Matthieu Bourel uses images to “evoke a fake history” and to explore the power of the image and its considerations. He uses images as the point of departure for a story to create false narratives.
Office Supplies Incorporated are a collective that explore the formal aspects of the medium of collage such as “materiality, depth and scale”. They focus on what happens to an image after another image is added to it.
Cur3es is a collage artist who mixes photos to point out their inherent mundanity or dark insinuations.
Eva Eun-Sil Han uses “recurring layers of geometric lines and shapes” to repeatedly “mask and reveal the layers beneath them”.

CUE at ArtsLav

On Friday last I had the privilege of attending and photographing an exhibition organised and curated by fellow students from Wimbledon College of Art, Katarina Rankovic and Tahmina Ahkmedov, co-curated by Kosha Hussain. CUE, held at ArtsLav in Kennington, south London, is an exhibition of painting, installation, video and mixed media work. Housed in a Victorian ex-lavatory, ArtsLav was an unusual choice of venue but worked amazingly well; with work hanging off toilet cubical doors and behind cubical doors and on the walls. The atmosphere was decidedly 1920s with Reinhardt jazz music and candles dotting the narrow rectangular space.

The rest of my photographs from the private view can be found by clicking on the photograph.

The work is on show now until the 6th of June at ArtsLav, 180 Kennington Lane, London, SE11 4UZ.



2013 in review

Well hello, lovely readers! This little space on the internet has grown a lot over the last year compared to 2012 and for that I’m so grateful, hopefully it will continue to grow in the New Year! I have so much planned for the New Year for this blog so watch this space! For now though, here’s a look back on my 2013 year in blogging.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 710 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 12 trips to carry that many people.

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Chloe & Charlotte, St Stephen’s Green

I’ve finally finished organising and sorting through my editorial calendar & blog planning notebook so expect more regular posting soon! As some of you know, I recently moved to London to study fine art so I’ll be writing reviews of exhibitions and galleries as well as reflections on art theory, criticism and practice. I’m also playing with a couple of ideas for a few series I want to start, too.

For now though, here are the rest of the photographs from my shoot with Chloe and Charlotte in St Stephen’s Green in Dublin, back in August. Other photographs from this shoot are over on my Facebook page (link on right) so do have a look. :)

Some of these photos will be amiable to buy as prints from my Society 6 shop soon so look at out for that!